Creams for Scar Removal

There are hundreds of scar removal and reduction creams available to buy today – creams provide a viable alternative to people who do not want to go down the surgical route, which can prove highly expensive and cause disruption to your life. This is why it is important to take a look at and what scar treatment creams can offer.


Although scars do not pose a health risk, they are not aesthetically pleasing. Removing scars can be challenging mainly because there are many kinds of scars. Each kind requires a special treatment. Scars can be classified generally into four types: keloidal scars, hypertrophic scars, acne scars and contracture scars. Keloidal scars are the thickest type of skin scars. They extend beyond the border of the wound. Keloids are caused by overproduction of collagen. The tendency to develop keloids depends on the genes. Hypertrophic scars are just like keloids, but they are thinner, smaller and easier to treat. Acne scars occur on the face, back and chest. They can be box car scars, ice pick scars and flat hyperpigmented scars. Box car and ice picked scars are deep, recessed scars caused by the destruction of collagen and tissues. Contracture scars are caused by burns. It appears tight and shiny. Nerve and muscle damage occur on contracture scars.

Whilst there is no cream that can totally make scars disappear (for example, keloids will not be removed by the sole use of creams), scar removal creams are the first line of treatment to prevent scars from worsening. As you probably already know, there are many other types of treatments that can effectively reduce the appearance of scars such as surgical removal, laser resurfacing, dermafillers, grafting, dermarolling, chemical peeling and steroid injections – here we are focusing on scar treatment creams, but you can find information on other scar treatments elsewhere on this site.

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What to Look for in Scar Creams

The first thing you should check when buying scar removal creams is the ingredients. This is especially important if you allergies. When it comes to diminishing the appearance of scars, creams should include depigmenting moisturizing and regenerative ingredients. Most scars are hyperpigmented caused by excessive melanin production in response to irritation. In the case of hypopigmented scars, skin whitening ingredients will help to whiten the skin around the scar. Healing skin should be constantly moisturized so the scar would look less prominent. A warm and moisturized skin area has a lesser chance of developing keloids and hypertrophic scars. Regenerative ingredients such as onion extract will help the skin to produce elastin and collagen to make the scar look like the surrounding skin.

In the case of contracture scars and keloids, scar removal creams are only effective when the scar is fresh and young. The older the scar, the more resistant it becomes to skin treatments. Flat and hyperpigmented scars also respond well to chemical peels and scar creams. The melanin in the skin only resides in the epidermis. Chemical peels remove a thin layer of the epidermis that contains excess melanin.

People respond differently to scar removal creams. As a result, there is no one cure-all scar cream. Some creams are designed for hypertrophic scars while some for hyperpigmented scars. Most of the time, these scar removal creams double as stretch mark removal creams. 2 to 4 weeks is the average duration before effects can be noticed.

There are a number of benefits of choosing scar removal creams over other treatments:

Effective: The number one reason anyone is going to go with cream for scars has to be that it is proven to be an effective treatment to reduce the visibility of scarring. Creams for scar treatment are fantastic (when you choose the right one) because they work and they work well.

Fast: For most people, getting result quickly is just as important as getting them at all. This is why so many people decide to go down the surgical route. The results are almost immediate and that is worth it for them. Why not get the same results using a cream designed to reduce scarring and not foot the bill for getting them surgically removed?

Safe: This is another reason to go with a cream instead of some of the other options that you might be considering. Remember, the body is going to be sensitive to what is being put into or onto it.

Easy: There is nothing easier than just getting cream and applying it onto the skin. Creams are simple to understand and simple to apply.

Inexpensive: The final reason most people should be going with scar removal creams has to do with how inexpensive they are. It just does not get cheaper than this when you are looking to get rid of those scars. Instead of spending a significant amount on surgery, use of scar treatment creams and gels can prove a highly cost effective solution.

There are numerous reasons for getting one of the best scar removal creams instead of some of the other options that might be available to you. Hopefully the info here and on the rest of this site will prove useful in helping you choose the right scar treatment for you.