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Society of Psychiatry is your trustworthy source of information about the latest trends and tips on mental health, mental illnesses, and psychiatry. We have articles and resources for everyone- parents, students, young adults, and professionals in the practice.

Psychiatry in the Today’s World

Psychiatry encompasses a vast variety of studies into human behavior and mental illnesses. Throughout history, it has and continues to evolve like any other discipline. With the advancement of scientific research and medical technology, the field continues to extend its reach on broader horizons.

Presently, social media also plays a key role in opening opportunities for global exchange and engagement. The knowledge of professionals is more easily distributed to the public. People have greater opportunities to participate in the discussion about mental health and in consequently breaking the stigma that surrounds it.

The rising power of various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook creates a need for reliable information. Now more than ever, people need a treasury of high quality content and we are here to provide this.

A Driving Force in Raising Awareness

Mental health becomes an integral part of our lives the moment our brains start developing. It affects every aspect of our daily lives- decision making, social interaction, and intrapersonal capabilities, to name a few.

There has been a gradual change of perception especially among the younger generations. However, the mental health remains clouded with stigma and myths. Thankfully, the global online space is contributing to the movement towards awareness and open discussion.

We aim to become a driving force in this movement by raising awareness about mental illnesses, providing educational content targeted to specific audiences (parents, students, professionals, etc.), and promoting a positive attitude towards the open discussion of mental disorders and illnesses.

Key Topics

We delve into the topics with a diverse audience in mind and produce content that makes comprehension easy across age brackets and lifestyles.

We provide useful and easy-to-follow content about mental health in order to raise awareness and help renew your perspective through recommendations, curated lists, and educational content.

We discuss key topics that include but are not limited to Addiction, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Autism, Clinical Depression, Child Psychiatry, Panic Disorder, and PTSD.

Psychiatry for Professionals

Apart from providing basic information about common mental conditions and giving lifestyle advice, we also make sure that professionals in the field can also use our content as resources. We discuss trends and share the latest news about psychiatry to help professionals keep up.

A Global Reach

Society of Psychiatry ultimately aims to emulate the field that it discusses. Like the science of psychiatry, we want to continue evolving.