Why Monitoring Your Adolescent’s Mental Health Matters

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Your child’s adolescence is one of the biggest transitions you will ever experience as a parent. It is their rebellious phase. The cute little angel you used to cradle in your arms now shuts a door in your face.

While mood swings and rebellion are normal at this time of their lives, it is important to step up and pay closer attention to your children. Mental health conditions can develop this early and result to severe consequences if left untreated.

Do they really just want to be left alone?

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Apart from the major changes in their appearance, adolescents also have to deal with a lot more. They start to realize that they must fit in so they begin to spend more time in their own worlds. They begin to crave independence and tend to shut you off. Do not be discouraged.

You do not need to know every single detail in their lives but you can encourage them to open up by initiating conversation. There are many ways to be more involved while respecting your child’s privacy. Instead of scolding them for their one-word answers to “How’s your day?” you can say “Tell me more.” Be a little more patient with them whenever they get on your nerves and you might be pleasantly surprised.

It is in the small things

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You cannot monitor them 24/7 but you can definitely check your child’s mental health at home. You can start by looking closely at their eating and sleeping habits.

Be careful about confrontations whenever you notice anything out of ordinary. Exercise your authority in a democratic manner and always give your child a chance to explain.

The key is establishing communication as equals. These tips should help you communicate with your teenage kids efficiently while strengthening the bond with them

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