Figuring Out Why You Hate Your Life & How To Fix It

figuring out why you hate your life and how to fix it

Do you ever look around, whether it be in person or on social media and just think “I hate my life” and nothing in your life seems to go right?

Or for some, they experience feelings of just not being able to get out of bed in the morning. Whether it be due to lack of motivation or not feeling a purpose in life.

It’s not uncommon, and it’s a good thing you’ve arrived here to get back on track.

The good news is you don’t need to set sail on a trip around the world to find your purpose in life, and you don’t need to post a bunch of fake Instagram photos to make your friends jealous.

For most, it could simply just mean you are bored or need some new adventure in your life to stop dreading going into work or school and start living again. For most it’s not that you hate your life, it’s you hate where you are RIGHT NOW in your life.

When feeling down and hating life, here are a few suggestions to stop thinking “I hate my life” and get back to moving in the direction you want. As you build yourself back up you will feel as if you are a well-oiled machine working and making a difference in not only your life, but the lives of others as well.

1. Learn something new

This is one of the most impactful ways to go about getting out of a funk and feeling great about life again. This isn’t a suggestion to go learn the latest random fact (even if those viral cat facts are so entertaining).

You need to make it a mission to learn something you have been putting off or something you have always wanted to do. For some, this could mean learning how to sail, for others learning a new board game, or a new skill to land a job.

This works best if you take a physical class in a classroom setting where you can interact and meet new people and the classes have set times. This is so that you aren’t as susceptible to putting off the learning until you feel like it.

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It doesn’t matter what you choose to learn new, it matters that you take action, and truly learn it. Engross yourself in a new subject and you will feel empowered as you learn something new, and build confidence knowing you can do more now that you learned a new skill.

2. Exercise

If you are a frequent flyer on self-help websites, just about every one of them tells you that when you hate yourself or feel down in the dumps, the best fix is exercise. The reason it’s everywhere is that it works.

But why isn’t it number one on our list?

Well, exercising is difficult, annoying, not much fun, etc; you name it, there is an excuse not to exercise. So how do you fix your motivation to work out while you simultaneously hate your life?

You need to create a plan.

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One of the easiest ways to create a plan is to sign up for an exercising event. This could be a 5K, a triathlon, or even a tennis match with some friends.

Now that you have the end goal in mind, you can work backward to make sure you hit those goals for the event. This could mean just finishing the race or being competitive with your friends. Don’t try to set a world record. (unless you want to).

3. Go for coffee

Reach out to just one person.

You don’t even have to know them, they can be a complete stranger or your best friend and simply ask them to go out for a coffee with you. While at the time these tasks can seem like something not worth your time, getting out of the house, chatting with someone about a topic you are interested in, and that little bit of caffeine is bound to put a pep in your step and slowly but surely begin to fix your life to the way you want it.

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While the list could go on, it doesn’t need to, even though you are having a bad day (or week, month or year), and feel like you hate your life, you know deep down you are a rockstar. You are the best at what you do, and with a little help of learning something new, getting your body more physically active with exercise, and engaging with meaningful conversation over coffee. You will be well on your way to building yourself back up and achieving the potential you deserve.

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